The South Oxfordshire Business Network (SOBN) has been established to provide a peer to peer group networking opportunity for businesses based in South Oxfordshire.

The concept of the network is that people buy from people. The events of the network encourage collaboration and relationship building.

Our aim to help established businesses build long-term profitable relationships and strategic alliances with each other.

The format of the network

  • There will be a small one off joining fee for SOBN of £30
  • This will be a company membership, so your colleagues can join you at any meeting / event.
  • There will be no joining restriction so multiple members from one type of business can attend
  • There will be no pressure to attend every meeting, bring guests or bring referrals, but there will be an expectation to support the network and build strong valuable relationships.
  • We will meet once per month
  • All events will be organised at the most reasonable cost, hopefully for free. On occasions a small fee may apply or there will be a cash bar for your own refreshments.
  • The business name of all members, with a link to your web site, will be listed on the SOBN web site
  • The majority of events will be held in or near Didcot, as it was considered a unique location for networking, but some events will be held across South Oxfordshire.
  • The main events will be with a social element and based around building relationships in a relaxed environment, as people buy people
  • Other events may include visits to places or businesses of local interest or events that have presentations on the latest hot topics for local businesses.

Our next events 

  • Wednesday 11th April 2018 – 7.30-9am - Breakfast at The Harvester, Milton Gate (Cost £10)

Our Breakfast meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month

Please contact to book in for our events, so we can update our hosts on numbers.